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Strategies for Business Owners on Managing Organizational Change by Courtney Rosenfeld - The Remas Staffing Company, LLC.

May 2, 2023by Ernst0

Strategies for Business Owners on Managing Organizational Change by Courtney Rosenfeld

Implementing organizational change is essential for a business’s long-term success. As the world changes, businesses must change with it to remain competitive and relevant. However, managing organizational change can be a challenge for many business owners. That’s why it is important to have the right strategies and methods in place to make the transition smoother. Here, we explore the best methods and strategies for business owners on managing organizational change.

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Defining Goals and a Plan for Change

The first step in managing organizational change is creating an actionable plan. This plan should include clear goals that are realistic, measurable, and achievable. Establishing these goals will give you something to work towards as you begin implementing changes within your organization. Additionally, having an organized plan of action will help you anticipate any potential roadblocks or obstacles that might come up during the process of making changes.

Communicating Changes Effectively

Once you have created a plan and set objectives, communicate these changes effectively throughout your organization. This means informing all employees of the upcoming changes promptly, so they have time to prepare and adjust accordingly. It also means having open lines of communication so employees can ask questions or voice their concerns about the transition process. Communication is key when it comes to the successful implementation of organizational change.

Implementing Process Intelligence

Implementing process intelligence can provide significant benefits to businesses by gaining valuable insights into their operations and identifying improvement areas. Analyzing data from processes can optimize resource allocation, improve efficiency, and reduce bottlenecks. Process intelligence facilitates agile decision-making, helping businesses adapt quickly to changes in the market or customer demands. By looking for process intelligence tools, you can ensure everyone is working together with clear communication and shared goals — something that is essential for business success today.

Anticipating Roadblocks and Removing Obstacles

The most effective change strategies include being able to anticipate and address roadblocks before they manifest. It’s important to remain optimistic when approaching change in the workplace, acknowledging that the change is necessary for growth and betterment. When managing change, it’s key for business owners to focus on removing obstacles to change and creating a clear roadmap for employees to understand their part in it. Taking realistic steps towards achieving this change, as well as setting appropriate milestones, will help ensure the success of any change initiative.

Addressing Signs of Resistance From Employees

Change can often come with growing pains, especially when it’s being implemented within an organization. That said, signs of resistance from employees should be promptly addressed to prevent any long-term disruption or delays. Taking steps at the onset will ensure a smoother transition and make sure everyone is on board for progress.

Providing Effective Training and Support

Once changes have been implemented within your organization, it’s important to provide training and support so that everyone feels comfortable with the new procedures and systems in place. This may involve providing additional resources, such as webinars or videos on how best to use new technologies or systems within your organization. Additionally, providing ongoing support after implementation will ensure that everyone remains confident in their abilities when dealing with any issues that may arise during this transitional period.

Measuring the Impact of Changes

Business owners must take the time to examine the influence of any modifications they make to gauge their success. Through tracking, they can evaluate and modify goals such as reaching greater customer satisfaction or increasing productivity throughout departments of an organization. Measuring progress allows entrepreneurs to stay on target toward achieving these desired outcomes.

Implementing organizational change can be challenging but also extremely rewarding if done correctly. By utilizing strategies such as creating an actionable plan before taking any steps forward, communicating effectively throughout your organization, implementing process intelligence solutions where possible, addressing signs of resistance from employees early on in the process, providing effective training and support post-implementation, and measuring impact over time, business owners will be setting themselves up for success when it comes to managing organizational change successfully.

By Courtney Rosenfeld


Mr. Ernst Remas serves as the CEO and Founder of The Remas Staffing Company, LLC. Mr. Remas has 20 years’ experience in management operations. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a Master of Business Administration from Lynn University. He specializes in talent identification and acquisition, IT Staffing, developing strategic operating models to drive revenue and employee retention, while building long-term business relationships and social networking at Remas Staffing Company, LLC. in his early career Ernst has held management position at Walmart, Walgreen, CVS Pharmacy, Peninsula Paper and superintendent of operations at NB Handy. Mr. Ernst is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and very active in his community, he has provided extensive hours doing charity work, mentorship with his local chapter Lambda Alph Alpha.

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