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Essential Considerations to Keep in Mind When Taking Your Business to the Next Level - The Remas Staffing Company, LLC.

May 18, 2023by Ernst0

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Essential Considerations to Keep in Mind When Taking Your Business to the Next Level

If you’re looking to expand your business, there are several key points to consider. From hiring new staff to investing in customer data platforms, The Remas Staffing Company, LLC has compiled crucial steps to make this transition easier.

Funding Your Expansion

Expanding a business requires additional funds. When looking for ways to finance your expansion, consider different options, such as loans or bringing in investors. It is also important to budget and plan accordingly so that you are not overspending on unnecessary items.

New Products or Services

When expanding a business, it can be beneficial to add new products or services that will appeal to existing customers while also attracting new ones. Consider offering discounts or promotions on current products, adding new items to your inventory, or expanding services offered. Also, research industry trends and take into account customer feedback to determine what would best meet customer needs.

Better Understand Customer Behavior By Incentivizing Referrals

Looking to understand customer behavior better? Invest in innovative solutions to gain powerful insights into consumer interests and interactions, such as by offering customers incentives for referrals. One example is when a customer refers a certain number of friends or associates, offer them a gift card. Look for a gift card API that automates the process of sending referring customers money, prepaid cards, gift cards, or charity donations, which is made possible with these robust API options. This specialized and unique API allows you to customize payments with your branding and messaging.

In addition, the solutions related to a real-time customer data platform can provide you with accurate reports on consumer activity, allowing for the ability to quickly make informed decisions about marketing investments, product creation, and customer engagement strategies. With instant access to this information, you can create solutions that are tailored to your customers’ needs.

Hiring New Staff

When expanding your business, it’s important to consider hiring additional staff. This could be anything from additional employees or contractors who can help with specific projects or tasks. It is important to take the time to find the right people who fit into your company culture and can help you move forward with your expansion goals.

Your Marketing Strategy

Once you have secured funding for your expansion plans, Hurree notes that it is important to make sure that your marketing strategy is up-to-date and reflects the changes you are making. Consider updating website content, creating social media accounts, or utilizing influencer marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and reach more potential customers.

Your Business Structure

If you’re expanding your business, it might be beneficial to convert it into an LLC (limited liability company). An LLC provides owners with protection from personal liability if something were to go wrong within the company. Additionally, an LLC offers tax benefits which may help reduce costs associated with running a business.


As technology advances so are cyber threats and attacks on businesses. Take steps towards boosting cybersecurity measures such as using two-factor authentication, using VPNs, encrypting sensitive data, having strong passwords, and training employees on cybersecurity protocols. These measures protect both the company’s information, as well as customer data from malicious actors online.

Smart Networking

Business cards are still an effective networking tool, even though digital tools have become increasingly popular. LinkedIn points out that cards provide an immediate visual representation of what one has been able and willing to accomplish, making them much more likely to remember your brand and offerings than if they simply saw your name written down on paper alone.

Expanding a business takes planning and preparation, but it also brings great rewards. The steps above are guaranteed to take your business to the next level, so take time to consider each one and be confident in your business expansion.


Article by Courtney Rosenfeld


Mr. Ernst Remas serves as the CEO and Founder of The Remas Staffing Company, LLC. Mr. Remas has 20 years’ experience in management operations. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a Master of Business Administration from Lynn University. He specializes in talent identification and acquisition, IT Staffing, developing strategic operating models to drive revenue and employee retention, while building long-term business relationships and social networking at Remas Staffing Company, LLC. in his early career Ernst has held management position at Walmart, Walgreen, CVS Pharmacy, Peninsula Paper and superintendent of operations at NB Handy. Mr. Ernst is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and very active in his community, he has provided extensive hours doing charity work, mentorship with his local chapter Lambda Alph Alpha.

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