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How to Attract and Retain Talented Employees with Disabilities - The Remas Staffing Company, LLC.

March 14, 2023by Ernst1

Hiring people with disabilities is not only your legal and ethical responsibility, but it can be good for business too! Business owners who are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace can benefit from the unique skills and perspectives that employees with disabilities bring to the table. In fact, studies show that hiring people with disabilities can increase a company’s productivity, innovation, and profitability. By tapping this underutilized talent pool, you can gain a competitive edge and build a positive reputation for your company. Check out the following tips from The Remas Staffing Company, LLC to learn how you can attract and retain employees with disabilities at your business.


Offer Education Opportunities

Providing professional development opportunities to your employees is a desirable perk that can encourage candidates with disabilities to choose you over your competitors. Plus, pursuing a continued education will help your employees develop new skills, stay up-to-date on industry trends, and pursue career advancements, all of which will boost employee retention. Consider providing your employees with access to online business degree programs. Online learning tends to be more accessible, inclusive, and accommodating to people with disabilities. Plus, their schooling won’t get in the way of work or life obligations. This page deserves a look if you could use more information about online degree programs.


Write Inclusive Job Descriptions

Candidates rely on job postings to determine whether or not a job will be a good fit for them. Make sure your job description is inclusive and accessible to show candidates with disabilities that they would be welcome at your business. For example, Hire for Talent recommends that employers use clear and concise language that outlines the essential job functions and required qualifications, avoiding non-essential requirements that could alienate people with disabilities. You may also want to include information about reasonable accommodations and how employees can request them if they are hired.


Provide Accommodations Through the Hiring Process

Think carefully about your hiring process and how you can make it more accessible to people with disabilities. For example, you might need to provide a captioner or interpreter when interviewing candidates with hearing impairments. Other applicants may require a quieter interview space or would feel more comfortable interviewing via video call instead of meeting in person. Try to keep interviews simple and straightforward. explains that requiring job candidates to fill out lengthy forms and sit through multiple interviews is a waste of everyone’s time and can cost you some great employees.


Compensate Your Applicants for Skills Assessments

If your hiring policy involves skill assessment tests for potential employees, be sure to compensate your applicants for their time. This will ensure all candidates have equal opportunities and reduces the financial burden on job seekers with disabilities. One way to compensate your applicants is by offering gift cards. Look for a gift card API that will automate the process of sending job applicants prepaid cards so you won’t forget. This will also allow you to personalize and style your prepaid cards with custom messaging and your business branding.


Offer Employee Benefits

Job seekers place a high degree of value on benefits and perks when choosing an employer. For those with disabilities, a comprehensive benefits package is often crucial to their mental and physical health. Find out what your competitors are offering and try to go a step further. For example, you could go beyond regular health insurance benefits by offering coverage for mental health services, flexible work hours, or remote work opportunities.

Your business can benefit from prioritizing diversity and inclusion. If you want to attract talented workers with disabilities, offer valuable perks like continued education opportunities, compensation for skills assessments, and unique employee benefits. Be sure to also write inclusive job descriptions and provide accommodations during the hiring process. By taking these steps, you can create a more inclusive workplace culture at your business!

Whether you’re looking for professionals in accounting, health care, education, hospitality, or general labor, The Remas Staffing Company, LLC can help! Give us a call at 877-844-6489 so we can discuss your staffing needs.


Mr. Ernst Remas serves as the CEO and Founder of The Remas Staffing Company, LLC. Mr. Remas has 20 years’ experience in management operations. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a Master of Business Administration from Lynn University. He specializes in talent identification and acquisition, IT Staffing, developing strategic operating models to drive revenue and employee retention, while building long-term business relationships and social networking at Remas Staffing Company, LLC. in his early career Ernst has held management position at Walmart, Walgreen, CVS Pharmacy, Peninsula Paper and superintendent of operations at NB Handy. Mr. Ernst is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and very active in his community, he has provided extensive hours doing charity work, mentorship with his local chapter Lambda Alph Alpha.

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