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Warehouse Optimization Tips to Streamline Business Operations - The Remas Staffing Company, LLC.

October 28, 2021by Ernst0


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Running a warehouse is an important part of managing a business. It requires analytical optimization, physical optimization, and comprehensive planning. Maybe you have heard people say Amazon’s warehouses are run like well-oiled machines.

This efficiency is part of the reason Amazon is so successful as an ecommerce giant. You can attain this level of optimization to make your business shine. For smaller businesses, warehousing operations include fewer moving parts and offer great opportunities to build systems that allow you to scale the business. Having an efficient HR department will also help you run your warehouse smoothly. That’s where Remas Staffing comes in handy.

Here are warehousing tips you can use to grow your profitability.


Establish Your Safety Protocols

While running a warehouse, it’s important to maintain Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. If you ignore this, you’ll be looking at life-altering lawsuits and bodily harm to you or your employees.

An important component of managing your warehouse is ensuring the safety of all staff. Because people are constantly moving in and out carrying products, this traffic offers the perfect environment for accidents.

So, always ensure the aisles and walkways are free of debris and spills. Install proper lighting and conduct frequent inspections to identify safety risks.

To improve operations and avoid accidents, harness the benefits of technology. There is different small business technology that will help you manage and customize your warehousing processes.

The technology can also help you with inventory management, cybersecurity, and project management. All these are important if you want to level up your business and save money.


Optimize Storage Options

Part of the reason you might be experiencing inefficiency in your warehouse is the lack of space because of mismanagement. Often, you have enough space but when you use it poorly, it might appear you have too much to store.

There are several ideas to optimize your warehouse layout. To get started, measure the space available. This includes the physical and top-down dimensions of the space. Also, take dimensions of shelving space, including vertical storage options.

Through ABC analysis, you can reveal the highest-value items. These are things you must place directly next to the processing and shipping location. Arrange products in tiers and create clear labeling on the isles to make it easy to locate products. Always avoid overstocking low-demand products. You can use the space to store products high in demand.


 Optimize the Warehouse Receiving Process

As a business owner, the primary goal is ensuring the right products are placed in the right spaces at the right time. You’re the gatekeeper between your business and customers. So, it’s your job to ensure this transition happens smoothly. To achieve this, optimize your entire warehouse operation, from receiving to shipping to data collection.

Optimization should begin when the product arrives in your receiving bay. You can automate the receiving with warehouse management software. This minimizes errors of manual inspection as the technology does all the work for you. Automation methods rely on scanners to check products while unloading them.


Diversify Shipping Solutions

If you’re not shipping products fast enough, you will create a backlog of items, which will prevent you from receiving more supplies. Diversified shipping options ensure orders are delivered to customers on time.

If you’re only using one shipping option, research to find other providers. There are many companies you can partner with, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and freight on board. If you’re selling through Amazon, you can improve efficiency by getting Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which offers two-day shipping. This opens up markets you could not access before.



If you’re running a business, efficient warehousing provides a strong foundation for your business. Think about optimization from the beginning. This helps you set high-efficiency standards and creates room to adapt and modify operations whenever necessary.


This article was written by Courtney Rosenfeld of Gig Spark.



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