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Smart Ways to Offer Your Employees Benefits and Support - The Remas Staffing Company, LLC.

November 10, 2022by Ernst1


Smart Ways to Offer Your Employees Benefits and Support

Employee benefits come in all shapes and sizes, and for many employers, it can be difficult to narrow down the options or to find more innovative ways to retain their workers. These days, there are more ways than ever to show your appreciation and create a supportive team atmosphere. Sometimes, that’s as easy as thinking of the office as an extension of your home and doing your best to optimize positivity and wellness. Other times, it takes a little more work.

Gallup notes that by showing your employees that you care about their well-being, you’re proving to them that they are more than just a number on a payroll sheet, and that’s the best way to ensure loyalty and retention. The Remas Staffing Company, LLC. shares some tips to get you started.


Offer some perks

A nice benefits package can go a long way toward showing what your company is all about, but it might be a good idea to take a survey to find out what specific needs your employees have first. After all, benefits that only look good on paper won’t do much good. You might also look into what your competitors are offering and go a step beyond. Take a look at the health benefits you already offer to find out what isn’t being covered; for instance, many employer health plans don’t include vision or dental. You can also offer life insurance options.


Don’t exclude mental health

While helping your employees maintain their physical health is a wonderful step, it’s important not to forget how much stress can negatively impact a person’s mental well-being. For many, the greatest sources of anxiety are finding (and paying for) adequate childcare, not having a flexible schedule, and being unable to pay for extra expenses like tuition. Your business can help by offering at-home job opportunities, financial assistance with childcare and school, and flexible hours or paid sick days that allow employees to take care of their responsibilities at home. You can also offer resources that will help your employees seek counseling or therapy services.


Invest In Ongoing Education

As mentioned in the point above, one stressor in employees’ lives is the inability to pay for tuition for ongoing education. Many employers have learned the advantages of offering employees educational benefits. By contributing to your staff’s higher education, you can show your interest in their professional development; then you can help them apply those skills to boost business. It’s a win-win. Online courses in fields like IT are a great option, too, when it comes to earning these compTIA stackable certifications. What’s more, online degree programs can provide coursework that helps your staff comfortably achieve their diplomas at their own pace.


Create a team atmosphere

Another great way to focus on the well-being of your employees is to make sure they feel respected and valued by both you and their peers. Slack points out that creating a team atmosphere is essential for any business, especially if you have remote workers who aren’t always in the office. You can achieve this by creating clear expectations for everyone, making sure the workspace is comfortable, prioritizing training, and truly listening to your employees. Encourage open conversations, and allow everyone the chance to work on their communication by offering team-building workshops.


Encourage them to get moving

Working in a traditional office environment often means you spend most of the time sitting down. A sedentary lifestyle can take a tremendous toll on your health, both mentally and physically. So, encourage your employees to get moving whenever they can. If you have the money and space, set up a small in-office gym for your staff to use. Or, allow them to take meetings on the go. If you selected an office space with an excellent walk score, you likely have different parks, restaurants, and cafes nearby where they can do business. Let your employees take “walk breaks” that make the most of that amazing walk score and the opportunities it provides.


Hand out some recognition

You can also generate a positive work atmosphere by recognizing your employees and all the hard work they do as often as possible. For many people, having their efforts go unnoticed is a major factor in their decision to leave a job, so it’s important to show them you care. Whether you choose to hand out certificates of recognition or to take your employees out for a nice dinner now and then, there are several things you can do to show them how much you appreciate what they do.

Creating great benefits for your employees doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Start by finding out what their needs are and do some research to get the best deal on things like insurance premiums and add-ons. Get creative and think about the best ways to ensure that your company meets these goals.


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Mr. Ernst Remas serves as the CEO and Founder of The Remas Staffing Company, LLC. Mr. Remas has 20 years’ experience in management operations. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a Master of Business Administration from Lynn University. He specializes in talent identification and acquisition, IT Staffing, developing strategic operating models to drive revenue and employee retention, while building long-term business relationships and social networking at Remas Staffing Company, LLC. in his early career Ernst has held management position at Walmart, Walgreen, CVS Pharmacy, Peninsula Paper and superintendent of operations at NB Handy. Mr. Ernst is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and very active in his community, he has provided extensive hours doing charity work, mentorship with his local chapter Lambda Alph Alpha.

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