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How Keeping Your Options Open Can Help You Attract Top-Notch Talent - The Remas Staffing Company, LLC.

July 28, 2022by Ernst1

How Keeping Your Options Open Can Help You Attract Top-Notch Talent


When it comes to hiring staff for your business, you want to be certain you’re hiring the best people for the job. Sometimes one of the few ways to do this is by keeping your options open during the hiring process to ensure that you don’t mistakenly exclude top talent because they don’t fit the typical mold. The Remas Staffing Company.LLC shares how hiring a more diverse workforce could work for you.

Every experience matters


While hiring candidates who come with big agency experience may seem like the quickest and more obvious route as far as expediting the recruitment process goes, it’s also important to consider candidates who may have taken a different path to get to where they needed to be. For example, hiring freelancers is a great way to diversify your talent pool without having to scour suitable resumes with a fine-tooth comb. Plus, you’ll be helping to boost the economy by hiring multiple freelancers as opposed to hiring an employee full-time.


That said, if you do decide to go the freelance route, you’ll need a set of systems and procedures in place to enhance and improve collaboration between contractors, especially if they happen to be from all walks of life. For example, you could organize your project with a process map to ensure that everyone involved in a major project can see and evaluate the results for themselves as well as a team. And because a process map is an inclusive and collaborative tool, organization and productivity in the workplace will be enhanced.

Pay attention to your job descriptions


Oftentimes it’s the smallest thing that can go unnoticed in the hiring process. For example, your job description may inadvertently exclude great candidates simply because it is too specific. Instead, you could post more generalized job descriptions and leave the other more personalized details for the interview process so that you don’t end up discounting anyone based on formalities.

Past history can matter a great deal


Noticeably, the medium age of the workforce is getting higher. Moreover, many people are choosing to work for longer and there are more opportunities available nowadays as a result of the digital age. Furthermore, many senior citizens have a wealth of experience that is invaluable in many ways that could sometimes even trump the best education. Veterans, for example, can also be excellent candidates for many reasons, including possessing soft skills that can include but are not limited to resilience, mental fortitude, perseverance, etc.

Ensuring the workplace is accessible for everyone


Suppose you’ve made hiring differently-abled candidates a top priority for your business because you want to promote inclusivity in the workplace. Then you’ll have to ensure that your work environment is access-friendly so that employees can get around and do what they do best without any hindrances that could detract from their performance.

Provide mentorship programs


Say you believe the future of employment lies in the youth. And you can really see the benefits that come with developing their skill sets to enhance the future growth of your company. Should that be so, providing mentorship programs to discover untapped potential could be the most logical way forward for your business.


In conclusion, promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace is not only beneficial for the greater good of society, but it could also be necessary to avoid missing out on exceptional talent that may be right under your nose.



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